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WEEE Recycling in the UK

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

The UK is home to over 500 million individual pieces of electrical and electronic equipment, or WEEE. These products have a long lifespan, so the country's landfills are bursting with discarded electronics. It's estimated that in 2010 alone, the UK generated about 31 million tons of e-waste. Thankfully, we live in an era where recycling has become common practice. With the right information, it is possible to make an impact on our planet by recycling your discarded WEEE.

What is WEEE?

Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) is any machine, component or device that uses electricity. This includes microwaves, computers, toasters, televisions, printers, IT equipment and many more. The acronym WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Why WEEE recycling is important

The recycling of WEEE is important for many reasons. When we recycle our old electronics, it takes care of the environment. Recycling e-waste prevents the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment and is effective in halting illegal dumping. Recycling also helps to keep valuable materials out of landfills.

Another reason why recycling electronics is important has to do with economics. The cost of recycling electronics has decreased dramatically over the years and will continue to decrease as technology continues to advance. It's been estimated that by 2020, recycling will be cheaper than landfilling for all types of waste.

Finally, recycling is just a good thing to do because it's responsible and friendly towards our planet. If we recycle instead of throwing away used items, we are preserving our natural resources for future generations.

How to recycle your WEEE properly

Recycling is a great way to do your part in saving the environment. And if you're still wondering how to get started, the answer is simple! We offer free collection, and WEEE recycling or WEEE Disposal. We'll even give you cash for your old electronics that hold market value. The more we recycle, the less harm will come to our planet.

The global impact of recycling electronics

The great thing about recycling electronic equipment is that it helps the environment. When you recycle electronics, you are reducing landfill waste. Discarded electronics are responsible for 69 percent of all US toxic waste in landfills. Recycling and upcycling these discarded products can help improve air quality and water quality.


The reality of WEEE recycling in the UK is that there are a lot of steps involved in the recycling process. However, as long as you are knowledgeable about what you're dealing with, recycling can be a fun and fulfilling activity that can both save you money and help the planet. Meanwhile, if you are a business that produces tons of WEEE, get in touch today let’s help you manage your WEEE recycling in a smooth and efficient manner.

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