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Turn Your Decommissioned IT Assets into Cash

Protect Customer Data and Get Paid for Your Used IT Assets

We buy IT assets that are no longer used, such as tablets, mobiles phones, computers, laptops, servers, networking equipment, or other valuable items, and sells them to our retailers who are interested in using electronic equipment. If your equipment is able to be resold, you will get a share of the sales or credit back.

Sell Us Your Decommissioned IT Hardware

We work tirelessly to stock our warehouse with IT hardware from trustworthy sources to meet our customers growing demand. Since we are remarketing these IT assets to wholesalers, we can guarantee quick value recovery for your retired IT assets based on market value. Everything we purchase is fully tested, reset to factory condition, and has all data removed. We offer National Cyber Security Centre approved data destruction solutions to wipe your data if this is required as well.  

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Your Data is Secured

Our data destruction engineers are specially trained to securely destroy confidential data from devices using industry-leading data destruction tools. Once we receive equipment in our facility, our priority is to first get rid of the client's data by cleaning or destroying the hard drives and solid-state drives as well as any other equipment that may contain corporate data before resale.

Why Sell to Us?

  • Make money off unused or outdated IT hardware to subsidize the purchase of new equipment.

  • The cost of fixing or maintaining your current system surpasses the cost of replacing it.

  • Your current equipment no longer meets company standards and needs to be retired.

  • We can provide stress free removal of your IT hardware.

Your IT equipment will be reused instead of going to the landfill, meaning you can meet your own CSR goals. What makes this even better is that we offer cashback for IT assets that hold market value.

Safe Computer Disposal: Certificates You Can Trust

As IT assets re-marketing business, we are fully licensed by the HMRC, Environment Agency, ICO, and Microsoft, and as part of our commitment to maintaining a high standard of service we adhere to ISO9001 and ISO27001 recommended standards in accordance with BS EN 15713 standards. What does that mean for you? No data security breaches and full compliance with all relevant data privacy and environmental legislation for your IT equipment re-marketing or disposal projects.

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  • We offer secure IT equipment collection with our vehicles and vetted staff.

  • We use NCSC approved data destruction solutions to securely destroy data.

  • Your IT equipment is re-used, instead of sending them to a landfill, thereby helping you to achieve your CSR goal.

  •  We provide IT assets tracking portal, to view assets status, audit trail, and to download compliance documentation.

  • Fully licensed by Environment Agency, ICO, Microsoft, and ISO27001 and ISO9001 registered.

  • We offer cashback for IT assets that holds market value

For buyback of your redundant IT hardware: Click below to discover how CHI could help you re-market redundant IT assets.

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