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Secure IT Asset Disposal Services

Save Money, Protect Customer Data, and Preserve the Environment

Computer Home Intelligence’s IT asset disposition process cover everything from free IT equipment collection and data security to the disposal and recycling of your IT assets. We provide smooth and efficient IT asset disposal that secures data, has a minimal environmental impact, maintains full compliance, and provide cost-saving throughout your IT asset life cycle.  

Safely Dispose of IT Assets While Remaining in Full Compliance

Disposing of IT assets should not mean you have to run afoul of government compliance laws or clog up your local landfill. We will help ensure that you remain fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, including:

  • Information Commission Office (ICO).

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Environment Agency Electronic Waste Management Standards.

  • Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.

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IT Disposal: Trust Computer Home Intelligence With Your Sensitive Electronics

When it comes time to dispose of sensitive electronic devices, you can count on Computer Home Intelligence for safe, compliant IT asset and data destruction services.

  • Secure IT equipment collection in marked vehicles by trained professionals

  • Sound IT asset disposal services and data destruction using safe, secure methods

  • Online tracking for IT assist audit trail and status viewing

  • Downloadable destruction certificates and IT asset status documents

The Win-Win IT Solution: Your Data Is Gone But Your Hardware Is Reused

Even old IT and electronic assets can have value when they are properly disassembled and reused, but that means safely erasing all data from them beforehand. At Computer Home Intelligence, we use Cyber Security Centre-approved data erasure software to securely erase data from your devices beyond recovery, and we then provide a digital audit-ready data destruction certificate.

Meanwhile, your IT equipment will be reused instead of going to the landfill, meaning you can meet your own CSR goals. What makes this even better is that we offer cashback for IT assets that hold market value.

Safe Computer Disposal: Certificates You Can Trust

As IT recyclers, we are fully licensed by the Environment Agency, ICO, and Microsoft, and as part of our commitment to maintaining a high standard of service we adhere to ISO9001 and ISO27001 recommended standards in accordance with BS EN 15713 standards. What does that mean for you? No data security breaches and full compliance with all relevant data privacy and environmental legislation for your IT equipment disposal or computer disposal projects.

IT Asset Disposition: Secure Data Destruction Certificate

We keep our clients and their customers safe by eliminating the risk of data security breaches that could result from improper disposal of used IT equipment. Our data destruction engineers are specially trained to securely destroy confidential data from devices using industry-leading data destruction tools, and provide digital audit-ready data destruction certificates to help you comply with regulations like UK Law, WEEE Directive, ICO Standard, ISO 27001, GDPR, FISMA, and more. As soon as we receive IT equipment into our facility, our priority is to audit the items and quickly get rid of the client's data by sanitising or destroying the hard disk and other device storage that may contain corporate data to maintain confidentiality and to protect the proprietary information of our client.

Featured Clients

For disposal of it assets: Click below to discover how CHI could help you securely dispose your IT assets, and destroy your data beyond recovery.



  • We offer secure IT equipment collection with our vehicles and vetted staff.

  • We use NCSC approved data destruction solutions to securely destroy data.

  • Your IT equipment is re-used, instead of sending them to a landfill, thereby helping you to achieve your CSR goal.

  •  We provide IT assets tracking portal, to view assets status, audit trail, and to download compliance documentation.

  • Fully licensed by Environment Agency, ICO, Microsoft, and ISO27001 and ISO9001 registered.

  • We offer cashback for IT assets that holds market value

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