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Secure IT Equipment Recycling

Now, You Can Avoid Data Leaks, Save Money, and Help the Environment

Why should you risk your data, waste money, and throw away IT equipment components that can be put to beneficial use? Computer Home Intelligence helps you and the planet by arranging safe IT equipment recycling. We ensure that all data are removed from your computer equipment and then recycle the materials.

We provide a broad range of services to help you manage your old IT equipment recycling and data destruction needs. Our goal is to manage your old IT equipment recycling process in a smooth, easy, and efficient manner to provide data security, minimum environmental impact, and full compliance for our customers.


We do IT equipment recycling and laptop recycling better:

  • Free collection of IT equipment and electronic devices.

  • Free recycling of your electronic devices, including laptop disposal and computer disposal as well as computer recycling.

  • Compliance with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) standards.

  • Full removal of sensitive data from devices before recycling.

  • Nothing goes to a landfill, and devices that are found suitable for reuse will be refurbished as required to meet market and industry standards.

Computer Recycling, IT recycling, IT Recycling, IT Equipment Recycling, Laptop recycling
Computer Recycling, IT recycling, IT Recycling, IT Equipment Recycling, Laptop Recycling
IT Disposal, Data erasure, IT Recycling.png

What we collect

  • Large appliances such as fridges and washing machines

  • Small appliances such as toasters and kettles

  • IT equipment such as mobile phones, computers, TFT monitors, servers, routers, switches, laptop recycling, and more

  • Consumer equipment such as radios and TVs

  • Lighting equipment

  • Electrical and electronic tools

  • Leisure and sports equipment

  • Medical devices

  • Monitoring and control equipment

  • Automatic dispensers such as coffee machines, cash machines, EPOS, and more

We’ve all been there – you have an old computer, phone, or other electronic devices you no longer need, yet you worry that if you throw it out it could wind up in the wrong hands and your identity could be stolen, or worse.

To combat this fear, we protect and manage data securely and responsibly. All hard drives and other storage equipment that arrive at our facility are handled with complete care. Hard drives are quarantined in our data destruction department where all data destruction is performed in strict accordance with regulations like WEEE Directive, UK Laws, GDPR, National Cyber Security Centre, ISO27001, and BS EN 15713 standards. Plus, we use the world's most respected data destruction software to securely wipe sensitive data from devices, and provide digital audit-ready data destruction certificates to help you comply with regulations.

Data Destruction For: Computer Recycling and Laptop Recycling

Whether you are a business, school, public agency, or non-profit, you likely have old computers, laptops and other IT components that you no longer want cluttering up closets – and yet you are not fully sure that you wiped the disks properly or there are not sensitive data stored somewhere hidden.


Stop worrying and start decluttering. With Computer Home Intelligence, you get a secure, sustainable and simple process for disposing of your used IT equipment and maximising your return on investment. Each step of our computer recycling process is focused on the security of your data, and we only use industry-leading auditing and data sanitisation methods for your old equipment.


The result? Your data and your customers’ data are protected and your bottom line is rewarded. The process is easy – contact us today to get started.

Featured Clients


  • We offer secure IT equipment collection with our vehicles and vetted staff.

  • We use NCSC approved data destruction solutions to securely destroy data.

  • Your IT equipment is re-used, instead of sending them to a landfill, thereby helping you to achieve your CSR goal.

  •  We provide IT assets tracking portal, to view assets status, audit trail, and to download compliance documentation.

  • Fully licensed by Environment Agency, ICO, Microsoft, and ISO27001 and ISO9001 registered.

  • We offer cashback for IT assets that holds market value

Click below to discover how CHI could help you securely dispose your IT assets, and destroy your data beyond recovery.

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