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Your Partner For Safe, Smart E-Waste Disposal

We are Computer Home Intelligence, U.K. based IT asset disposal and data destruction experts. Our aim is to help businesses with their IT assets disposal, data destruction, recycling, redeployment, and re-marketing needs.


The proper disposal of electronic and electrical equipment has become a growing concern both globally and here in the U.K. Many of these materials are hazardous and require safe disposal protocols, while other materials are valuable and can be reused. Paramount to all disposal methods is the safe assurance that personal and sensitive business data are removed from all components so you can operate safely. At Computer Home Intelligence, we handle all of this and more.

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Safe, Smart E-Waste Disposal for Businesses

Our chief goal is to keep businesses and their customers safe by eliminating the risk of data security breaches that could result from the improper disposal of used IT equipment. At our secured facility in Birmingham, U.K., we securely remove all personal data from servers, laptops, computers, and other storage devices before we refurbish or recycle them.

Eliminating the Risk of Data Breaches

We shield organizations from the business, legal, and environmental risks associated with IT asset retirement and recycling. The comprehensive and firmly controlled asset disposition processes cover everything from logistics and data security to the disposition and recycling of IT assets. Our best practices and cost-effective disposal service goals are to maximize the value of your IT asset investment over the entire product life-cycle while guaranteeing data security and protecting against environmental liability.

Fully Compliant With Current Directives and Laws

We want to ensure compliance with data protection and environmental legislation and make valuable IT equipment reusable. As your IT asset disposal partner, we offer outstanding services to help you save time and money whenever you decide to retire or upgrade your IT equipment.


IT Asset Disposal and Data Destruction Experts

Our team of professionals at our Birmingham computer recycling center is specially trained to securely destroy data from devices using industry-leading data destruction solutions, and provide digitally signed data destruction certificates to help your organisation comply with regulations like ISO 27001, GDPR, FISMA, and more. At Computer Home Intelligence, we make sure nothing goes to a landfill, and all devices that arrive at our facility are either refurbished or recycled. Our data destruction and IT asset disposal services is tailored to deliver your IT disposal requirement.



Our aim is to reduce the amount of electronic waste sent to landfills, offsetting its potential to cause environmental harm.



Our mission is to make IT equipment reusable in order to preserve resources and encourage environmental responsibility.



Our goal is to keep businesses safe by eliminating the risk of data security breaches that could result from improper disposal of used IT equipment.

Click below to discover how CHI could help you securely dispose your IT assets, and destroy your data beyond recovery.

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