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The Importance Of Recycling Old Computers.

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

In this topic will be discussing the importance of secure IT equipment recycling and IT asset disposal. As well as where to dispose them, and how to manage IT Equipment end of life.

From desktops and mobile phones, to servers and USB flash drives, IT hardware is a core part of modern business. However, the industry is rapidly advancing, so most organisations must frequently dispose of unwanted IT assets. Knowing where to recycle old computers safely can be a challenge.

There are many IT disposition vendors out there in the market, so finding one isn’t difficult. However, you need to be confident that sensitive data on your devices do not end up in the wrong hands, and harmful and toxic components are not improperly disposed. Once you get those two things wrong, you could land your business in hot waters.

Before you choose an IT asset disposal (ITAD) vendor, make sure you carry out extensive market research. Your research is to look out for some important attributes of your proposed ITAD vendors. Some of these attributes are:

  1. Make sure the ITAD vendor is registered and have the required permits to carry out such duties.

  2. Investigate if the ITAD vendor has worked for previous companies.

  3. Read and review previous clients reviews and remarks.

  4. Assess the ITAD security measures. These can be found on their websites.

  5. Be sure of their data destruction tool and solution standards, and verify they are using the recommended standards. In the UK for example, these can be found in National Cyber Security Center website.

Using the above 1 - 5 attributes as a guide, you should be able to select an ITAD vendor for your IT asset disposal projects.

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