Improperly discarded technology can produce poisonous pollutants, carbon emissions, materials scarcity, and unauthorised data access. Registered data leaks as a result of improperly discarded e-waste in recent years has increased by over 14 percent from previous years. Recent research shows data leaks affect millions of people yearly. With personal and payment data being compromised, and thereby putting so many people data at risk.

Our comprehensive and firmly controlled IT assets disposition processes covers everything from logistics and data security, to the de-manufacturing and recycling of IT assets.

Data protection and data security is a vital part of our business. We protect and manage data securely and responsibly. All hard drives and other storage equipment that arrive in our facility are handled with complete care. Hard drives are quarantined in our data destruction department where all data erasure is done in strict accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and National Cyber Security Centre standards, using world most certified data destruction method and solutions

With Us, Your Data is Secured.

  • ​We are GDPR compliant.

  • We are Information Commission Office (ICO) Registered, and adhere to ICO GDPR recommended standards as our standard practice. 

  • We are ISO27001 and ISO9001 registered - in accordance with BS EN 15713.

  • We use National Cyber Security Centre approved erasure methods to securely erase all data from your equipment.

  • We provide certificate of IT asset destruction for all devices for compliant and audit.

  • Our cyber security control ensure devices that arrived our facility are protected against the vast majority of common cyber attacks.

  • We are approved and registered electronic wast carrier and refurbisher. ​

  • We make sure as a company you don't experience security breaches, or fail to comply with relevant data privacy and environmental legislation.

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